Reach over 50% of all future health professionals in Belgium

Every year more than 3000 final year healthcare students obtain their degree in Belgium, which means they’ll be entering the labor market very soon. These students could be your future employees, customers or independents seeking support to start their own practice.

Since you surely want your paths to cross sooner or later, you might want to start investing in these relationships at the very beginning of their career, but how? Event Channel organizes information sessions at all Belgian universities, offering you the ideal opportunity to meet these future professionals and increase your brand awareness.

Reach +50% of all future health professionals

Take the stage during 40 minutes

We organise around 25 info sessions annually, attended by over 1 500 out of the 3 000 final year students in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine and physiotherapy in Belgium.

Build a strong, commercial database

Benefit from proven results

Take the floor and explain your added value to these young health professionals. Afterwards, engage into a conversation with them over a drink and a bite to eat.

Build a strong database of prospects interested in your products or services. We gather all contact details of the participants, which we'll provide to you afterwards.

Since 2013, Event Channel has organized over 150 info sessions for more than 20 clients in 30 faculties all over Belgium, making us a true expert in our field.

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