Create richer, deeper connections with your audience.

In modern day society, consumers are overloaded with an incredible amount of brands and advertising. In a world where their choice has become infinite,  it is important to make your brand and products essential in the eyes of the end user.


What better way to stand out is there, than to create a physical connection between your consumers and your brand?

Event Channel supports the construction of your brand awareness through face-to-face customer interaction, also known as brand activation. We'll make sure your target audience not only experiences your brand physically, but also remembers it afterwards.

Talented promo teams

We work with the finest promo teams to carry out your brand activation. These people are wisely chosen and fully trained to put on their best performance as your brand ambassadors.

Creative concept creation

Brand activation isn't only about efficiency and meeting objectives. It also needs to be fun, unexpected and most importantly, original, in order to encourage participation and to be memorable. That's why creativity is one of our top priorities when creating unique concepts.

From marketing strategies to the field

We adopt a rational approach when it comes to turning marketing strategies into field experiences. We develop brand activation concepts that support your marketing objectives in an efficient and rational way.

Any type of brand activation

You might want to increase your brand awareness, launch a new product, generate leads or acquire customers. Maybe your brand needs to be represented at festivals, trade shows, in stores or through street actions. One thing's certain, we got you covered, whatever the objective or the context may be.